Is it fair?

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  • Is it fair?
    • Religious view on human dignity
      • Christianity
        • God is the creator of all and believe all people are one in Christ.
        • The parable of the good Samaritan
      • Islam
        • Allah is the creator and all humans must take responsibility for others
        • The importance of equal opportunities
        • Islamic Relief aim to help the poorest people
      • Hinuduism
        • All people contain Atman
        • Support and help others
    • Religious views on divisions
      • Christianity
        • God created all humans equal regardless
        • Martin Luther Kind J
      • Islam
        • All people are created by Allah
        • The act of prayer stresses the importance of equality
      • Hindusim
        • Ahisma is a key practice this means people shouldn't be hurt due to race or gender
        • Women have an important role in the home
    • Religious views on wealth and charity
      • Christianity
        • Jesus taught 'blessed are you, who are poor, yours is the Kingdom of God'
        • Stresses the importance of sharing and giving to charity
      • Islam
        • A duty to help other
        • Wealth is a gift
        • Paying zakah


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