Is it fair?

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  • Is it fair?
    • Key concepts
      • Authority: The power to determine or settle disputes
      • Discrimination: The treatment or consideration of a person/ group to which the person/ group belong to
      • Equality:The state or quality of being equal
      • Identity
      • injustice: violation of the rights of others
      • Prejudice: An unfavourable opinion or feeling towards a group e.g: religious group
    • Types of predjudice and discrimination
      • Sex
      • Sexuality
      • Age
      • Race
      • Disability
      • Wealth
      • Poverty
    • What causes people to be prejudiced?
      • Family
      • bad experiences
      • Influence of media
      • peer pressure
      • Lack of understanding
      • Sterotypes
    • Money and wealth- differences between wants and needs?
      • Christianity
        • Bible said 'the love of money is the root of evil; not money itself'
        • So Christians (monks/nuns) take vows of poverty because jesus said 'give all you have to the poor and follow me'
          • Most recognise that wealth itself isn't a sin
        • many give 10% of their income to charity/ church
      • Islam
        • Believe that people don't own anything, but are loaned things in trust by allah
        • Anything is sacred for Allah, its only being given back to its rightful owner
        • Allah choses who to make rich or poor
        • The wealthy are obliged to give to the poor
        • Sadaqah is the act of giving done out of compassion, love or generosity
        • All are expected to be charitable
        • Making money is forbidden
        • Zakah means to give 2.5% of income to charity
    • Men and women
      • Islam
        • Men and women are spiritually equal but have different roles
        • Men rule in public; women in the family
        • Paradise is at the foot of the mother
        • Muhammad greatly respected women and married a working women
      • Chritsitanity
        • Jesus respected women, talked with them, showed them sympathy and teaching them (mary and Martha)
        • All are made in the image of god
        • Women witnessed the Resurrection at a time when women weren't entitled to be witnesses
        • Some believe, with st Paul that women shouldn't have any authority in the church and can never lead it because Jesus was a man and had male disciples
    • Charity
      • Christian Aid
        • works to support sustainable development, stop poverty, support civil society.
        • provide disaster relief in South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia
        • Christian Aid campaigns to change the rules and systems that keep people poor, speaking out on issues such as climate change
        • Essential believe is 'We believe in life before death'
      • Islamic Relief
        • Dedicated to alleviating the poverty and suffering of the world’s poorest people
        • Focus on:Sustainable Livelihoods, Education, Health and Nutrition, Orphans and Child Welfare, Water and Sanitation, Emergency Relief & Disaster Preparedness


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