Childhood under threat

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  • Is childhood under threat?
    • some sociologists suggest that parenting is in decline and so childhood is in need of protection from adult society
      • see children as in need of protection from "threats" such as homosexuality and media violence
    • successful childrearing
      • 2 parents of opposite sex
      • there is a "right" way to bring up children
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    • blame working/single mothers and inadequate parents for social problems
      • e.g. delinquency
    • Postman (1982)
      • sees children as under threat because TV exposes them too soon to the adult world
    • Sue Palmer
      • "Toxic Childhood" (2007)
      • adults are seriously benefitting from living in a wealthier society in which technologies have enriched their lives
        • but .. the same technologies are harming children as parents are using them as an alternative to traditional parenting practices
      • instead of spending quality time, parents use TV, junk food and electronic games to keep children quiet
      • children are deprived of traditional childhood and family life
    • some children's experiences of childhood may be damaging
      • child abuse = neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse
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      • NSPCC - each week at least one child will die as a result of adults cruelty


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