Biological: MRI Scan

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  • MRI Scan
    • is a way of seeing a picture of the brain inside the skull, just like an x-ray.
    • It allows you to see the structure of the brain and therefore whether there is damage or tumours that may need treatment.
    • (1) The patient is placed in a large scanner, which passes a very strong magnetic field through their head.
    • (2) The nuclei of some atoms in certain molecules spin a particular way when they fare placed in a magnet, which allows a detailed picture of the brain to be produced on a computer.
    • (3) Electromagnetic waves are passed through the body by a magnet, and the nuclei in hydrogen molecules emit their own radio wave a frequency that the scanner picks up.
    • (4) As hydrogen concentrations vary in areas of the brain, a detailed image of the brain at cross-sections can be seen


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