Is there any history in John's account of the P&R

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  • Is there any history in John's accounts of the Passion and Resurrection?
    • Yes
      • Historical Evidence
        • Josephus, Tacitus & Talmud
      • Geographical evidence
        • Garden of Gethsemane, Fortress of Antonia, Golgotha & Kidron Valley
      • Traditions are historically accurate
        • Jewish festivals, Jews allowed to arrest people & Pilate could only sign the death warrant for treason
      • Pilate was procurator of Judea under Tiberius
      • Scourging and crucifixion
      • Roman temple guards standing by tomb to create a seal which if broken resulted in death
      • Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus and the women watched where the body was placed.
      • The number of people who witnessed Jesus' resurrection
      • If the author was John the disciple, then he would privy to all that happened
      • Custom to take his clothing and draw lots on his possessions.
    • No
      • No account of a formal trial
      • Philosophical conversation with Pilate
      • Pilate was ruthless and would probably not have conducted his conversations in the way he did with Jesus
      • Too many Old Testament Fulfilment prophecies
      • He would not have carried his own cross
        • In the Synoptic's we are told it's Simon of Cyrene
      • Pilate is presented differently in the Gospel
      • Would Pilate have been bothered about what other people thought
        • Given the fact on one day alone he supposedly crucified 5,000 people?
      • Power of Jesus v the  powerlessness of the authorities
      • CASEY'S comment: Passion was written to serve the needs of the community and as a result the account is not factually true.
        • There is a vast difference between John and the synoptics


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