Is there a participation crisis?

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  • Is there a participation crisis?
    • Partisan dealignment
      • Decline in party loyalty
      • Research says people identify less with parties
      • Shift to less predictable voting patterns from habitual
      • Floating voters
    • Increased education
      • Encouraged voters to question traditional party based loyalties
      • Take issues more seriously
    • Impact of media
      • Access to wider sources of political information
      • Less dependent on party-supporting newspapers
    • Ideological change
      • Parties have alienated some traditional views
    • Class dealignment
      • Weakening relationship between social class and party support
    • Sleaze
      • Public become disillusioned by behaviour of politicians
    • The public
      • Growth of consumerismhas made society more diverse
    • Politicians
      • Lack of vision
      • Just a career
      • Overly concerned about news management
      • Lack of choice
      • Electoral strategies


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