Is EWT Reliable - Outline

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  • Is Eye Witness Testimony Reliable? - Outline
    • Debate whether it is reliable or not
      • Issue because people are wrongly convicted
        • E.g. Jean Charles Merendez
        • E.g. Beth Rutherford - wrongly accused father of ****
    • Weapon Focus
      • Focus on weapon during incident rather than perpetrator
    • Leading Questions
      • Questions encouraging witness to answer in a certain way
    • Functional Size
      • Number in line-up that resemble suspect. more accurate, less people
    • Cross-Racial Identification
      • Ability to more accurately identify someone from own race
    • Schemas
      • Mental representation we have of things in the world
    • Cues
      • Triggers for memories available for recall. could be context or state dependent


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