irenaean theodicy

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  • Irenaean Theodicy
    • John Hicks
    • God created evil
      • created humans in the midst of it
        • evil is a gift that facilitates growth
    • epistemic distance
      • mankind created at a distance of knowledge from God
        • protects free will
          • growing from image to likeness is a choice
            • the world must be religiously ambiguous
              • preserving liberty of indifference
            • man created in the image of God grows into his likeness
    • theocentric purpose
      • moral development is part of evolution
        • no automatic relationship with God
          • liberty of indifference
          • the fall happens when humans refuse to move from animal to spiritual
            • all humans have freedom to do this
    • vale of soul making
      • God is loving but does not create a hedonistic paradise
        • evil contributes to a vale of soul making
        • suffering/evil are logically necessary for moral development
    • indiscriminate suffering
      • guarantees religious ambiguity
      • maintains liberty of indifference
      • no danger means no opportunity for development
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    • eschatological verification
      • life is too short for soul making
        • process continues in afterlife
          • everyone achieves eternal salvation


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