IR radiation, black body radiation and the Greenhouse Effect

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  • Infra-Red Radiation, Black Body Radiation & The Greenhouse Effect
    • The Greenhouse Effect
      • temp of earth depends on rate IR is absorbed and emitted.
      • ground absorbs short wavelength visible light
        • easily passes through atmosphere and warms ground
          • E cools down by emitting IR radiation
            • harder for IR to pass through atmosphere because CO2 absorbs IR
              • Not all IR escapes=E heats up
              • Global warming= lots of CO2= more IR absorbed= E heats up more
    • Black body radiation.
      • absorbs all EM radiation falling on it
      • perfect emitter of radiation
      • At fixed temp, emits across a continuous range of wavelengths but peaks at a particular wavelength
        • as temp increases, peak gets higher and peak wavelength gets shorter.
          • calculate temp by measuring peak wavelength


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