Atomic Structure

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  • Atomic Structure
    • Protons
      • Make up the nucleus
      • Charge is +1
      • No. of protons = no. of electrons
      • Mass is approx. 1
    • Neutrons
      • No charge
      • Make up the nucleus
      • Mass is approx. 1
    • Electron
      • Orbits the nucleus in shells
      • Charge is -1
      • Mass of 1/2000 (none)
      • No. of protons = no. of electrons
    • Isotopes
      • Isotopes are atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons
      • Different isotopes of the same element react in the same way
        • Because chemical reactions involve electrons
        • Because the no. of neutrons doesn't affect its chemical reactivity
    • Atomic Structures of Ions
      • An ion is a +vely or -vely charged atom or (covalently bonded) group of atoms (a molecular ion).
      • Ions are formed when atoms react by losing or gaining electrons.


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