Ionic bonding

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  • Ionic bonding
    • Between a metal and a non-metal
      • Atoms loose or gain electrons to form ions
        • Full outer shell
          • Structure of nobel gas
        • Electrically charged
      • Electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions
    • Substances conduct electricity when molten
      • The ions are free to move in the liquid state
        • Ions have a charge
      • Or ionic compounds which are soluble in water
    • eg.
    • Brittle
      • When the lattice is hit, a layer of ions is shifted
        • Like charges are lined up, they repel and shatter the lattice
    • Ions
      • Metals form +'ve ions
        • Non-metals form -'ve ions
    • Usually soluble in water
    • No intermolec. forces
    • High melting and boiling points
    • Form giant molecular structures
    • (NaCl)
    • (MgO)


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