Ionic and covalent compounds

A brief description of the properities of ionic and covalent compounds. 

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  • Ionic and Covalent compounds.
    • Covalent compounds
      • Shared electrons
      • Simple molecular
        • Oxygen, nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide.
        • poor conductors of electricity
        • bonds easily broken
      • Giant molecular
        • Diamond
          • Very hard
          • Does not conduct electricity
        • Graphite
          • arranged in layers
          • conductor becuase electrons are free to move between layers
          • is soft so it can be used as lubricant
    • Ionic compounds
      • strong bonds
        • a lot of energy is needed to break the bonds. High melting and boiling points
      • only conducts electricity when molten and when in aqueous solution
      • lattice strucutre
      • contains ions


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