Ionic bonding

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  • Ionic bonding
    • Transferring electrons
      • In ionic bonding, atoms lose or gain electrons to form ions.
      • Ions can have  a postive (+) or negative (-) charge.
      • Oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other to form ionic bonds
    • A shell with just one or two electrons wants to lose them...
      • Atoms with just one or two electrons in their outer shell (highest energy level) want to lose these.
      • then they will have a full outer shell. This means they will have the same electronic structure as a noble gas
    • A Nearly full shell wants to gain electrons...
      • Atoms with a nearly full outer shell want to gain an extra one or two electrons to fill the shell up.
      • So they take an electron (or two) from an atom that want to lose one (or two).
      • exmaple
        • sodium and chloride react together to make sodium chloride.


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