Investigative Approach (Canter)

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  • Investigative Approach (Canter)
    • Techniques of investigative approach
      • Identify pattern of characteristics by finding statistical relationships using computer statistical data analysis
    • Interpersonal coherence
      • Significance of time and place
        • Offender will choose specific locations that enable them to feel in control
      • Criminal characteristics
        • Identifying pattern in criminal behaviour through stats and known offenders
      • Criminal Career
        • Is the offender repeating their crime? Is their confidence growing?
    • Geographical Profiling
      • Canter- Offenders commit crimes in areas they know
      • Criminal Geographic Targeting
        • Computer system that analyses data related to distance, movement & time to and from the crime scene
      • Jeopardy Surface
        • 3D colour model of the area that can be put on a map to see where the crime occured
      • Examine case files
      • Analyse crime scene
      • Meet crime investigators
      • Analyse demographic data & local crime scene stats
      • Study Transport systems & street maps & post codes
      • Analyse everything & submit report to lead investigators
    • 2 types of perpetrators
      • Marauders
        • Strike out from their home
      • Commuters
        • These travel away from their home base to commit their crimes
    • Evaluation
      • More scientific than FBI
      • Time consuming & expensive
      • Relies of crime scene being accurate & relies on eye witness testimony being accurate
      • Objective statistical quantitative data collected
    • Does Profiling work?
      • Canter argues that his more scientific & math based methods have greater validity & reliability
      • Canter & Britton disagree
      • Copson found profiles only succeed in catching offenders in 3% of cases
      • If no 2 profilers agree on the best method there is a lack of reliability
      • Research undermines FBI methods (Alison and Canter & Heritage studies


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