Investigative policing in Whitechapel

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  • Investigative policing in Whitechapel
    • Techniques
      • House to house searches
      • Distributing leaflets and advertisement in papers
      • Following up clues found at crime scene
      • Evidence from bodies and coroner's report
      • Sketches from Artist
    • Rival police forces and other problems
      • Great rivalry between Met and City of London policing. Other than co-operate they competed. Also H division had to keep up its own work plus help on investigation of murders
    • Jack the Ripper
      • Beterrn 31 August and 9 November 1888, five women were strangled and mutilated in Whitechapel.
    • The Media
      • Caused problems for polivr as although it encouraged people to come forward- it attracted hoax letters and thousands of theories on his identity- all which had to be investigated. Media coverage also stirred up racial hatred  and convinced people that no englishman could so such a thing
        • This led to more violence and attacks on foreigners. Media also added pressure for killer to be found
    • Improvements after 1888
      • Met intoduced Bertillion System of taking measurements and pictures of suspects so they could be centrally shared
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