Investigations- Abortion.

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  • Investigations- Abortion.
    • Background
      • general principles
        • issues
          • consent
            • informed consent
          • Rights
            • Rights of the father
              • the rights of the father are very rarely discussed.
                • the most common case concerning fathers and abortion is when he wants her to have an abortion and she doesnt
                • sometimes the mother wants an abortion and the father doesnt.
              • is an abortion ever morally wrong because it transgresses the fathers rights?
              • Philosopher George W. Harris- there are circumstances under which a woman's decision to have an abortion would be morally wrong as it would do harm to the father.
                • if the father has a morally legitimate interest in having a child, and the mother misleads the father into believing she will give him a child if he does certain things, and the father does there things for the specific purpose of having a family, it is wrong for the mother to deliberately prevent the father from having that child.
                  • involves deliberate deception by the woman:
                    • he wants children but she doesn't.
                    • she decieves him by not telling him she doesnt want a family.
                    • he is delighted but she aborts the unborn child.
                    • the mother has a relationship as part of a strategy to hurt men.
                    • she pretends to love him, and pretends to want a child.
      • brief historical overview
    • abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy.
    • Religious principles
      • christian position
        • all consider to be undesirable.
        • humans are made in the image of God and human life is holy


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