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  • introduction
    • af are in the secondary sector. they manufacture furniture that that they sell to retailers( their customers) who then sell it onto consumer.
    • takes place in bowton or sweden. both of which are in the eu.. therefore no additional tariffs to IMPORTING goods. however the rate of exchange between uk and sweden will impact on the cost of the products they buy from sweden.
    • started in 1980 making bespoke furniture and continues to make some of its products on this basis.
    • specilisation
      • skilled worker...        worker-may feel more challenged so job enjoyment is higher than an unskilled colleague. it is easier to find another job. may earn more money as they have an expanded skill set. most workers would prefer to be skilled, especially as they are harder to replace.
      • skilled worker...        af- harder to replace if a skilled worker leaves. additional training is requred which is an additional cost. skilled workers are paid more. increased quality is more likely from skilled workers-especaiially important in cometititive market. enables af to add more value and sell better quality furnitutre. skilled workers are liel to be more productive allowing af to complete more orders and be more cost effeciant.
      • af also employ specilist  directors too.


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