History GCSE - Intolerance in the 1920's USA

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  • Intolerance in the 1920's
    • KKK
      • A racist cult full of white supremacists based in southern states (where most blacks lived)
      • They opposed African-Americans being given more rights
      • Also prejudice against immigrants, Catholics and Jewish people
      • They used intimidation and violence: - Lynching (illegal executions)
      • Membership had grown to around 4 million by 1925
      • Members mainly included poor whites who felt threatened by blacks and immigrants taking their jobs. And also, some policemen and politicians were members.
    • Red Scare
      • This was prejudice against new immigrants and fears of communist agitators entering the country.
      • series of bombings across the country to whip a 'red scare'. 4000 people deported, mainly russians.
      • Sacco and Vanzetti (italian anarchists) convicted of murder and robbery. Judge was prejudiced.
    • Jim Crow Laws
      • Were laws that discriminated against African Americans - southern states
      • some laws made it difficult for them to vote
        • eg. in some states, in order to vote you had to show that your grandfather had voted (in most cases ancestors were slaves with no voting rights)
      • Some laws forced African Americans and White to use separate facilities eg. different schools, transport, parks. theatres
        • This was called SEGREGATION


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