Into My Own

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  • Into My Own
    • Relatable to many young adults today on their journey through self discovery and finding their place in the world
      • The journey in the poem is both a mental and a physical one that the speaker has a longing to undertake
        • This compares to the journey of one's self discovery and Frost uses the symbolism of a dark forest to portray this. It is like a quest for independence and self awareness
          • The dark trees in the 1st stanza symbolise a mysterious future
            • The speaker hopes that the trees, therefore the future, are "stretched away unto the edge of doom"
              • Image seems dark, however it is comforting to imagine an endless future, full of possibilities.
                • This never-ending forest would provide an escape for the speaker to “steal away” and hide from reality, while finding his true self without influence from society
                  • The speaker also describes himself as “fearless”, which indicates that he is bold and eager to begin his new journey, regardless of the obstacles standing in his way
    • Poem is a Shakesperian sonnet - different as he writes the entire poem in rhyming couplets, however typical that it is in iambic pentameter
    • In the third stanza, the poem takes on a lighter tone as it switches from describing the physical landscape and impatience to begin, to considering the people in the speaker’s life.
      • speaker acknowledges that his journey to self awareness will be lifelong, and that once he embarks, he cannot return to his former ignorant, dependent self: “I do not see why I should e’er turn back”
        • He also expresses hope that his loved ones will follow his lead and find him when he is on his trek. This way, he can sort out those who really care and are willing to make an effort from those who are simply artificial friends.
          • In the last couplet, the speaker assures his friends and family that they will not be disappointed by what they find: “They would not find me changed from him they knew”
            • Rather, he will be even more convinced of his beliefs and more confident in himself when his independence is fully recognized.


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