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  • Interview Advantages
    • Structured
      • It enables the researcher to examine the level of understanding a respondent has about a particular topic
      • The researcher is able to contact large numbers of  people quickly, easily and efficiently
      • Provides a reliable source of quantitative data
    • Unstructured
      • Informal, open ended, flexible and free flowing
      • Questions are not pre-set
      • Rely on social interaction between the researcher and informant to extract information
      • Respondents may be more likely to discuss sensitive and painful experiences if they feel the interviewer is sympathetic and understanding
      • Time and opportunities to develop their answers
    • Semi-Structured
      • Positive rapport between interviewer and interviewee
      • High Validity
        • People are able to talk about something in detail and depth. The meanings behind an action may be revealed as the interviewee is able to speak for themselves with little direction from the interviewer.
      • Complex questions and issues can be discussed or clarified
      • Easy to record
    • Group Interviews
      • Interviewees may feel more comfortable and open up
      • Groups throw around ideas
        • Develop and expand on ideas


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