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  • Interviews
    • Structured
      • Description
        • Structured interviews are interviews with preset questions.
      • Strenghs
        • Easy to replicate
        • Easier to analyse
        • Quick
      • Weaknesses
        • Doesn't yield as much information as a unstructured: reasoning.
        • Interviewee cannot diverge from pre set answers.
    • Unstructured
      • Description
        • This type of interview is a free flowing sort of discussion.with no pre set questions.
      • Weaknesses
        • Hard to analyse and put into another form
        • Time consuming
        • Not easy to replicate
      • Strenghs
        • Can get lots of extra information such as opinions or reasons.
        • Can establish reasons for cause: cause and effect.
        • Interviewee is able to diverge from set questions and go in depth.
    • Semi-Structured
      • Description
        • This type is somewhere in the middle. it does have pre set questions however the interviewer can go free if they feel a questions not set would be appropriate.
      • Weaknesses
        • Can require some level of training
        • Can be time consuming
      • Strenghs
        • Allows for a large ammount of data collection
        • Reletivly easy to analyse
    • Interviewer effect
      • The interviewer effect claims that a people change there answers depending on how they perceive the interviewer


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