Network Protocols

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  • Internet Protocols
    • HTTP
      • HTTP - Set of rules governing how Hypertext is moved around the internet
      • HTTPS - (HTTP Secure) Encrypts data that is sent across the internet. Encrypted data cannot be read if intercepted without a key
    • Mail
      • POP3 - Post Office Protocol V3. This is a protocol for accessing emails.
      • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. While POP3 might be used to retrieve emails, SMTP is used to send them between servers.
      • IMAP - Instant Message Access Protocol. This email protocol is used to allow multiple devices to access the same email account
    • FTP - File Transfer Protocol. This is how files are transferred from one computer to another
    • TCP/IP - Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Their collective role is to break up data into packets.


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