International Relations

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  • Trueman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
    • International Relations
      • Yalta and Potsdam Conference
      • Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift
  • Februry 1947 - British told USA couldn't afford to carry on supporting Greece
  • US government offered to pay and Truman (president) decided to extend offer of aid
  • March 1947 - Trueman Doctrine - aimed to help countries recover from effects of WW2
  • Aiming to stop other countries in Europe becoming communist - containment of domino effect
  • USSR thought that USA was attacking them and blamed USA for empire buliding
  • Marshall was the secretary of the state
  • It was the ideas of Truman Doctrine put into effect
  • Based of theory that communism is most likely to spread ti war torn countries
  • Grants to 17 countries (16bil dollars) but they had to spend all the money through the USA economy - USSR called it economic imperialism
  • This allowed USA to control countries in the East - USSR forced countries under their control to withdraw applications for the deal
  • COMECON - USSR's version of Marshall Plan for communist countries however it just left USSR with  bankruptcy
  • Yalta February 1945
  • Churchill Roosevelt Stalin
  • France a superpower - German + Berlin divided between 4 - Germany will pay  reperations - Free elections in countries under communist control
  • Postdam July 1945
  • Attlee, Truman and Stalin
  • USA tested first atomic bomb - didn't tell Stalin
  • Arguments about the details of the boundaries between the zones.
  • Germany was split into 4 zones
  • Bizonia was formed and looked strong with new currency
  • Stalin blocked off all roads, canals and trains to W. Berlin
  • USA flew in supplies in the Berlin Airlift


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