International Relations Confrences

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  • International Confrences
    • Teran 1943 Iran
      • Plans of Reconstruction of Europe
      • Areas the soviet have, they keep (Spheres of influence)
      • Areas the big 3 have they keep (Spheres of influence)
      • Rebuild Germany (If they are happy they wont fight.)
    • Yalta 1945
      • Stalin will help defeat Japan when Hitler is defeated.
      • Rosevelt and Churchill agree to communist government in poland
      • LIBERATED EUROPE The big 3 work together to get Democratic Europe.
      • Allies establish United Nations to make peace.
    • Potsdam 1945
      • Ban Nazi party
      • Reduce Germany by 1/4
      • Divide Germany into 4: (Britain)(USA)(France)(USSR)


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