International Competition

A Mind Map to show the Hstory of Olympic Scandals, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting the Olympics, International Events and the Importance of International Events.

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  • International Competition
    • Olympic Scandals
      • Montreal 1976
        • Tanzanian led boycott over New Zealand touring SA due to the Apartheid.
      • Munich 1972
        • 11 Israelis taken hostage by Palestinians
      • Moscow 1980
        • American led boycott over Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan
      • Mexico City 1968
        • Tommie Smith and John Carlos do Black Power salute for their equal rights in America
      • Los Angeles 1984
        • Soviet Union led boycott over the American boycott previously in Moscow
      • Berlin 1936
        • Jesse Owens, gold medals, against Aryan race
    • Why is International Sport Important?
      • An opportunity for spectators and players to travel
      • Brings people together from different cultures, countries and ethnic groups.
      • Inspires generations and increase sport participation by stimulating interest
      • Draws attention to disabled and minority sport.
      • Creates a home advantage for medal winners; therefore a greater medal haul.
    • International Events
      • FIFA World Cup
      • Rugby World Cup
      • The Olympics
      • The Masters
      • Le Tour de France
      • Wimbledon
      • Snooker World Championships
      • The Paralympics
    • The Advantages of Hosting an International Event
      • Regeneration of a run down area
        • Creation of jobs e.g. building, plumbing, maintenance.
          • Creates world class facilities
            • Facilities used for training camps will be refurbished
              • A legacy of facilities for everyday usage.
                • Olympic village and accommodation become affordable public housing
                  • Profits for a range of businesses e.g. hotels, restaurants, shops, souvenirs
                    • Increased number of tourists that see the country who want to come back again - Sustainability
                      • Makes country look good.
                        • Increased pride behind nations
                          • Increased medal tally from the homefield advantage
                            • Motivation and inspiration for participation
                              • Attention focused on many sports including minority sports e.g. handball
                                • Attention focused on the paralympics; changed perception by society of disabled people
    • The Disadvantages of Hosting an International Event
      • Jobs dissipate after events as they were only temporary
        • Huge costs - building of facilities, improvements in transport, maintenance, security
          • Possibility of terrorist attack - global platform of publicity for terrorists
            • Embarassment - could make the country look bad (drugs, cheating, disorganisation)
              • Wasted facilities
                • Pressure on the local area - crime, police, riots, infrastructure
                  • Traffic and pollution of the city.
  • Tanzanian led boycott over New Zealand touring SA due to the Apartheid.


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