international political and economic organisations

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  • international political and economic organisations
    • international organisations
      • globalisation has been heavily influenced by international organisations and national governments
        • promote policies that have helped create more links between countries through FT and FDI
      • Bretton Wood institutions was established after WW2 to stabilise the global economy and avoid conditions that led to the GD of the 1930's
        • the world bank and international monetary fund (IMF) were set up in 1944
        • world trade organisation was established in 1995
    • national government
      • influenced globalisation by promoting free trade blocs and policies such as FML, privatisation and BSUs
      • the EU and association of south east nations (ASEAN) are trade blocs
        • they enable free trade without tariffs between members
    • key definitions
      • tariff- taxes that are paid when countries or companies import goods and services into another country
      • FDI- direct investment made by TNCs in business operations in a foreign country
      • trade blocs- a group of countries that join together to make a trade agreement to improve their trade flows and economic growth
      • free trade- unrestricted purchase and  sale of goods and services between countries


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