International Aid

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  • International Aid
    • Nepal is a poor Himalayan Country
    • A third of its population lives in poverty
    • I woman died every 2 hours during childbirth and pregnancy
    • Infant mortality was high
    • People had to pay for Healthcare so few visited doctors
    • £65 Million has been provided by the UK Government to be spent on Nepals Healthcare facilities
    • The money was spent on:
      • Safe Motherhood Programme
      • Training for new doctors, midwives and nurses
      • Improving healthcare facilities
      • Increasing the number of qualified healthcare workers
    • Every Nepalese has access to free healthcare
    • In the last 10 years, 10% more births have been attended to by professionals
    • Maternal mortality has fallen by 50% and infant mortality by 30%
    • Nepal is on target to meet Millennium Development Goals for healthcare by 2015


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