Internal School Factors

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  • Internal school factors
    • Labelling & Teacher Racism - socialise students into their identity - may have negative consequences.
      • O'Donnell - A-C students react angrily to racism. Indian students show anger but do not reject education system. Black male - develop masculinity. Educational success seen as feminine - Asians - weaker because they conform.
    • Pupil responses and subcultures - the way people react to how they are treated.
      • Strand - educational success seen as feminine. Credibility of street more important. Sewell - young man wants to be a street hood. Success at school - target of ridicule.
    • Ethnocentric Curriculum - disadvantages ethnic minorities by teaching out of date material.
      • Low self esteem amongst black pupils. AC pupils feel discriminated against
    • Institutional Racism - teachers interpreting policies in such a way that disadvantages black pupils.
      • Setting, G&T schemes, vocational schemes - underrate abilities of black pupils - relegate to lower level groups - restricted curriculum - lower level exams.
        • Gilbourn & Youndell - rationing of education - neglect no-hopers and high achievers. Lack of formal links to ethnic minority parents. Ranson - governing bodies tend to be white, MC, mid aged, mid income workers.


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