sociology 2

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      • when a meaning is attached to someone such as: lazy
      • BECKER teachers would label pupils on what they thought was the ideal pupil (tends to be MC)
      • FULLER conducted a study on a group of black girls and found that negative labelling doesnt always lead to failing
        • negative labelling can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy of failure
      • GILLBORN found that teachers negatively label black people as they were seen as a 'challenge to school authority'
        • negative labelling can mean that they get put into lower stream or bands. BALL found that MC children were in higher  bands which gave them an advantage
      • as a response to negative labelling pupils may form anti school subcultures
      • a prediction that comes true because it was made
      • ROSENTHAL AND JACOBSON made a false test and identified that some children would do well - it came true as the teacher treated these pupils accordingly which lead to success
      • BECKER argued WC children are in lower streams as they are not seen as the ideal pupil - they then feel as if they have been given up on sos create negative SFP
      • a subculture is a group of pupils who share similar values and behaviours
      • LACEY came up with differentiation (teachers categorising pupils according to how they perceive their ability)
        • LACEY also came up with polarisation (how pupils respond to streaming - moving to one extreme or the other)
      • WC usually in lower streams created anti school subculture (ASSC) which lead to SFP of failure
      • BALL = if  no streaming ASSC would decline


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