Internal factors: ethnicity

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  • Internal factors effecting ethnicity in education
    • Labelling theory
      • There are different expectations of people from ethnic minorities
      • Gilborn: teachers negatively label black children
        • Afro-Caribbean seen as a challenge to authority
          • More likely to be excluded
          • Seen as less academic
          • Not as encouraged as other pupils
        • High expectations of Asian students who are considered to be capable and hard working
      • Labelling leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy
      • HOWEVER...
        • Some pupils may take on a self negating prophecy: they do not accept the labels teachers give them and challenge the racial agenda
          • Relate to Fuller
    • Hidden/ ethnocentric curriculum
      • Schools structed to reflect their own culture
        • Assemblies
        • History
        • Language
        • Religious studies
      • Fit white European culture (learns European history/ languages)
        • Books may give stereotypical views
      • Stereotypes and ignores black culture
      • Tikly
        • Afro-Caribbeans resent their invisibility in the curriculum and there form anti-school subcultures
      • HOWEVER...
        • The education system has become more diverse in recent years, with the curriculum offering subjects such as Mandarin and also focusing in the Black movement/ awareness
    • Lack of black teachers and role models
      • There is significantly less black teachers in schools
      • Less black teachers seen in a position of authority
      • May be confined to what they teach (e.g. language support)
    • Institutional racism
      • Policies tend to favour white middle class pupils
      • Because of teacher attitudes, black pupils may be put into lower sets
      • Wright: Asian children may be excluded from discussion work as teachers doubt their language abilities
      • HOWEVER...
        • Fuller: Black girls see educational success as a way of challenging put downs of black male peers and racism from teachers


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