Interest groups (contributed to the economic growth in Germany)

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  • Interest Groups (economic growth)
    • The Cartels
      • These were groups of producers
      • Tried to combine in order to gain an advantage in the market
    • The Central Association of German Industrialists
      • Supported heavy industrial interests
      • Interests in coal, iron and steel
    • The Confederation of Industrialists
      • Represented firms who manufactured goods
    • The Agrarian League
      • Campaigned for farmer's interests
      • Founded in 1893
    • Other organisations for other economic interests:
      • Bankers
      • Craftmen
      • Retailers
      • White Collar workers
    • Trade Unions
      • Membership increased from 300,000 in 1890, to 2.5 million in 1913
      • Another 500,000 workers belonged to other trade unions


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