Interactions between species/Alien species

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  • Interactions between species
    • Advantages alien species have
      • Lack native predator
      • Not harmed by indigenous diseases
      • May be more efficient predators
        • Can cause the extinction of native species
    • Deliberate introductions of alien species
      • Hedgehog
        • Brought to the Outer Hebrides to eat garden slugs
          • They ate the eggs of ground-nesting birds instead
      • Pheasants
        • Introduced to the UK for sport
      • Rainbow trout
        • Introduced to the UK for sport
    • Accidental introduction of alien species
      • Zebra Mussel
        • Reached North America via ships
          • Had no predators, population rapidly increased, ate lots of phytoplankton
            • Caused algal blooms
              • Worsened water quality
      • Snakes
        • Reached Guam via air transport
          • Greatly damaged food web


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