interactionist view of the family 

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  • interactionist view of the family
    • interactionist theory is
      • micro
      • neither conflict or consensus
      • action
      • key sociologists
        • Hochshild the managed heart/emotion work
          • work within the family is negotiated and and managed
          • role, relationships and life stages focused around caring for others
          • emotion work of nurturing children should be more valued
          • crit: work in the family is gendered- where dosde this power relationship come from
        • Bacett becoming a parent
          • family life is a socialisation process
          • parents view parenting as a learning process
          • parents  make sense of their children though a series of meaings
    • intractolists regard society as
      • socially constructed
      • created by individual meanings and motives
      • a series of interactions
      • culturally relative
    • intractolist see the family
      • where we share experiences of the world with others
      • relevant to the person
      • a series of life stages and changers
      • a series of life stages and changes
      • open to negotiation and interpretation of roles/ relationships
      • performing essential functions


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