Interactionism & Social Action

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  • Interactionism/Social Action
    • Freedom of choice.
    • Symbolic interactionism (how we attach meanings to symbols example= putting your hand up, what its purpose? What is it's meaning?
    • Social Actors (we portray and shape our lives to paint a perfect picture).
    • Phenomenology (describe things in society)
    • We are all 'actors', playing different, multiple roles (different personalities in different situations).
    • *Weber, *Mead, *Becker & *Blumer.
    • Actions/Reactions (our behaviour)
    • Symbols
      • Meanings (understanding)
    • Reject objectivity (take into account their opinions and thoughts)
    • *Howard/Becker- labelling.
    • Typifications *Schutz
    • *Garfinkel- ethnomethodology (society being a social construction).
    • Interpretivists (would be best to research society)
      • Opposite to Positivists


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