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  • Interactionism
    • Labelling theories
      • Master status when and individual accepts a particular label that has been applied to them by members of the wider society, the label becomes a master status that influences both the behaviour of the individual and the reaction of others
        • A dominant status (or identity) that overrides allotter aspects of that person's status or identity
      • Self-fulfilling prophecy when an individual accepts the label that has been given to them by others and acts accordingly
      • Negotiation (Herbert Blumer) The process by which an individual changes the reaction of others or shapes their own role
        • Example: the badly behaves student does not follow some of the preset routes + they may successfully change the view others have of them
        • 1. our actions are based on the meaning/ interpretation we give to situations, evert, people act.
          • 2. we negotiate these meanings during the interaction process.
            • 3.the final meaning is the label given
    • The self-concept
      • I and me (GH Mead) the 'self' who we think we are is made up of the 'I' (unique qualities) and 'me' (what others think of us)
      • His/ her identity. who we are develops since a child who we think we are + how others see us
      • Charles Cooley 'The looking glass self' others act like a looking glass to us, we see ourselves mirrored in the way they respond to us.
      • The idea an individual has of the kind of person that they think they are
    • Individuals shape society + how people interact


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