interactionism and education

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  • Interactionism in education
    • The Ideal pupil
      • Howard Becker
        • Teachers judge pupils based on how closely they fit their idea of the ideal pupil
      • Hempel-Jorgensen
        • The Ideal pupil ideas come from daily teacher-pupil / pupil-pupil interactions
      • Louise Archer
    • Themes of the theory
      • Role and self-concept
      • Labelling and typing
      • self fulfilling prophecy
        • Teachers judge pupils based on how closely they fit their idea of the ideal pupil
      • subculture formation
      • setting and streaming
    • Gillborn and Youdell
      • The A-C economy
        • Marketization has led to the publication of exam results and league tables.
      • Educational Triage
        • students are prioritized based on ability - ones guaranteed success don't need help, ones guaranteed to fail don't get help at all
    • Stephen Ball
      • Beachside school - streaming and banding
        • Found that even if streaming is removed, teachers will still band their students based on ability by setting different work
    • subcultures
      • willis - Learning to labour
      • Lacey
        • Polarisation - reaction to differentiation - students move to extreme opposites (either loving or hating school) - this can form school subcultures
      • Woods
        • 1 - ingratiation 2 - Ritualism   3 - Retreatism 4 - Rebellion
      • Hargreaves
        • support Lacey's ideas - Working-class boys in lower sets were regarded as triple faliures
    • School and Identity
      • Archer
        • Working-class youths actively negotiate a position of social disadvantage wich is based on a certain style (Nike identities) -however, this reinforces their disadvantaged social status
      • Bourdieu
        • Habitus
          • The amount and type of cultural capital a person has
        • Symbolic capital
          • The idea that getting good exam results gives you status in school (middle-class)
            • Working-class students are labelled as inferior because of their habitus which leads to symbolic violence


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