Integrated Development Environments

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  • Integrated Development Environments
    • IDEs have lots of features
      • An IDE is a piece of software that provides features to help a programmer to develop their program
      • Most IDEs will have similar functions
    • Features
      • Code editor
        • The main part where the code is written
        • Most have line numbering and auto-colour coding
      • Run-time environment
        • Allows the code to be run quickly within the IDE
        • Also help to identify logic errors in the program
      • Explorer window
        • Help navigate through programs
      • Output window
        • Shows the output from a program
      • Error diagnostics
        • Help to find and fix errors
        • Tell you the location of the error and often suggest ways to fix it
      • Breakpoints
        • Common debugging tool
        • Stop the program on certain lines so you can gather information


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