insulin and golden rice

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  • insulin and golden rice
    • insulin
      • 1: gene from human insulin identified and isolated from pancreatic cells using restriction enzymes or reverse transcriptidase
        • reverse transcriptidase makes cDNA which is then cut by rest. enzymes leaving sticky ends
      • 2: a plasmid is cut with same rest. enzymes
      • 3: insulin gene inserted into tetracilin resistant gene in the plasmid
      • 4: plasmids placed on amplicillin agar and all should grow
      • 5: then they are placed on tetracillin agar, only non-resistant will grow and we weant the non-growth colony
      • + identical so less risk of rejection +cheaper and faster to produce + avoids religious and ethical conflict
    • golden rice
      • 1:PSY gene from maize and CRTL gene from soil bacterium are isolated using restriction enzymes
      • 2: plasmid removed from agrobacterium tumerfaciens bacteria and cut using same rest. enzyme
      • 3: PSY and CRTL genes inserted into plasmid
      • 4: recombinant plasmid inserted back into bacteria
      • 5: rice pant cells incubated with bacteria which infects plants abd transfroms DNA of rice plant
      • rice plants grown on selective medium so only transformed plants grow as a marker gene is needed
      • + plant now produces beta-carotene which reduces vit. A defficiencies


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