Music- Instrumental techniques

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  • Instrumental Techniques
    • Strings
      • Arco: Bow the strings
      • Pizzicato: Pluck the strings
      • Con Sordino: Play with a mute
      • Tremolo: Rapidly and continuously repeated note
      • Double stopping: Play two or more notes at once
    • Wind and Brass
      • Slurred: Notes are played smoothly
      • Tongued: Notes are played separately
    • Drums
      • Fills: A short passage of music that fills in a gap between different phrases of a melody
    • Voice
      • Falsetto: A technique used by men to sing in a high range
      • Vibrato: A technique that makes the pitch of a note waver for expressive effect
    • Technology
      • Reverb: Makes the music sound as if it was recorded in a resonant space
      • Distortion: Alters the sound of an instrument so it becomes rougher and harsher


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