Effects of Institutionalisation

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  • Effects of Institutionalisa-tion
    • Rutter and Sonuga-Barke (2010)
      • Procedure
        • The orphans were tested aged 4,6,11 and 15 to asses PIS development
        • Parents and teachers were also interviewed
        • The study included 165 romanian orphans
        • 111 were adopted before 2 and the rest by 4 years old
        • This was compared to 52 British children adopted before 6 months
      • Findings
        • After six months care the infants showed disinhibited attachments and relationship problems
        • They were smaller weighed less and were mentally delayed
        • Long term consequences may be less severe if children can form attachments
        • The Romanian orphans lagged behind their British counterparts
    • Effects
      • Physical under-development
        • Physically small - deprivation dwarfism
      • Intellectual under-functioning
        • Cognitive development is affected by emotional development
      • Poor Parenting
        • Parent's from institutional care struggled to act as parents
      • Dis-inhibited attachment
        • Treat strangers with over-friendliness and attention seeking


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