Institutional Agression- Essay Plan

A spider diagram essay plan for PSYA3 institutional agression.

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  • Institutional Agression
    • Intro
      • Organisation- Seeks to benefit themselfs or the group.
      • Social Identity Theory-tajfel (In/Out group)
      • Zimbardo's 3 Forces
      • Free-Will vs. Determinism
    • Systemic forces- the system creates the situation...i.e. the government create the military
    • Situational Forces
      • Deindividuation-Supporting- Silke (206/500). Deiner- 1300 t or t USA. Watson- 8 Non-D, only 1 went to full agression. 15 D, 12 Went to full agression.
      • Definition- Reber and Reber (loss of sense of individuality)
      • Deindividuation- Opposing - Gergen (dark room- affection). Postmes and Spears, meta-analysis of 60, no conclusive evidance.
      • Certain situations encourage self-efficacy and lower inhibitions. Especially when part of a group.
    • Obedience
      • 7 Steps to Evil: Mindlessly Taking the First Step (Gradual Commitment), Blind Obedience to Authority (Agentic State) and Diffusion of Responcibility
      • Milgram- 15V starter. 100% went to 300V, 65% went to full 450V
      • Hierachys- Agentic State
    • SLT- Imitation by vicarious learning of significant others. 4 Steps (ARRM). Bandura BoBo doll.
    • Dispositional- Biologically Innate Agression, Social Psychological etc.
    • Conclusion
      • Deprivation of Free-Will due to Sytemic and Situational Forces
      • However it doesnt explain those who don't become aggressive in institutions- dispositional?


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