Institutional aggression

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  • institutional aggression
    • Educational aggression - Hazing
      • Hazing usually occurs on universities where the first year students have to do something to impress the older students which can sometimes be very aggressive
        • Criticism as it is unknown is it aggressive as only 1/20 said it is aggressive
        • Gender differences in hazing as Huker found that out of 60 deaths in hazing only 3 were girls
        • Out of 11. 000 a half of students experience it during admissions
        • Research support comes from Martin who found that aggression was increased as
          • he gave a questioner to women in university and found that 24% had almost been ***** while 17% had been
          • Questioner- self-report , people may lie on them
    • Prisons
      • Skyes argues that there are 5 deprivations which increase violence- liberty, autonomy, goods, hetero-sexual relationships and security
      • Zimbardo argues that situational factors increase violence such as heat, noise, overcrowded
        • Support from Mc Clark who found that aggression is raised because of overcrowding and lack of privacy
        • The Lucifer Affect
      • Deprivation as prisoners are suffering from autonomy so they fell the need to express it through aggression
        • Research support from ZImbardo who showed that his participats were non-aggressive before the study but when found in a prison became very aggressive which shows that environment and trigger agression
    • Imprinting by Irwin who suggests that prisoners bring their personality in the prison and that is why violence occurs
      • Research support comes from Harer who investigated 58 US prisoners and found higher rates of violence in black people while in white there were higher rates of drugs
        • Sample size was small and it was only males in US
      • Research support comes from DeLisi who studied 831 prisoners and found positive correlation between gang membership and violence suggesting that gang subcultural values have been imprinted
        • Correlation - it doesn't say the effect and cause of it
      • Reductionist as it doesn't take into account situational factors or psychological
    • Insitutional aggression can occur between 2 groups - genocide
      • Example would be - 6 million Jews which were killed during WW2


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