Institutional Aggression

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  • Institutional Aggression
    • The Importation model (Irwin and Cressey)
      • Prisoners have their own social histories and traits and violence is due to the characteristics of the individual
        • FOR: Marcell - found that members of gangs offend at higher levels in prison than those not in gangs
          • Cannot prove cause and effect. Cannot generalise gang members to being more aggressive - this is not necessarily true.
        • AGAINST: Delsi et al - found that inmates with prior street gang involvement were no more likely than others to be aggressive.
    • The Deprivation model (Peterson et al)
      • Prisoner agression is the result of stressful and oppressive conditions of the institute. It is the institute that causes aggression not the person.
        • FOR: Davies et al - structured interviews asked how long they worked there and level of violence towards them. found that more experienced officers in prison were less likely to suffer from assault.
          • X- Relying on their memory X- could be exaggerating and lying.
            • BUT there is very little evidence against this - suggests that his findings were correct.
    • A mixture of both will make it more likely to happen. Jiang et al - D model better explains violence against staff and I model better explains violence against inmates.
    • It doesn't consider everything. e.g DM is deterministic as not all of them are aggressive so it cannot solely be down to th\at. Need to consider other things like genetics  as both of these explanations are on the nurture side.


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