Institutional Aggression

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  • Institutional Aggression
    • Situational -Deprivation Model
      • Aggression occurs as a result of the conditions within the prison
        • 1. Deprivation of liberty - loss of personal rights
        • 2. Deprivation of goods and services - prisons have less access to the goods available on the outside
        • 3. Deprivation of heterosexual relations - leading to sexual frustration
        • 4. Deprivation of autonomy - prisoners do not make basic choices for themselves
        • 5. Deprivation of security - lack of protection against threats
      • AO3
        • Supporting evidence
          • McCorckle et al.
            • There is a relationship between overcrowding, lack of privacy, lack of activity and tendency towards aggression.
        • Application
          • Has helped  to change the way prisons are run to decrease aggression
        • Contrasting evidence
          • Meta analysis of data from 58 US prisons found that race, age, and criminal record were the only factors that appeared to influence aggression
    • Dispositional - Importation Model
      • The idea that prisoners bring their values and traits from the outside to shape the prison experience
        • i.e. the focus on gang values within prison communities
        • This leads to the creation of prison subcultures that create divides and gang mentalities
      • Irwin and Cressey
        • I remember it by imagining a prison fight, and at the end one of them goes "IrWIN"
      • AO3
        • Support
          • Mears et al.
            • Found that a 'code of the street' belief system was common law among prison social systems, especially in those who had come from gangs
        • Evidencce against
          • A study of 800 male inmates found no evidence between gang involvement and prison aggression


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