An Inspector Calls; Inspector Goole

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  • Inspector Goole
    • Wise
    • Secretive
    • "(Coolly, looking hard at him)  There  might be"
    • "(Cutting in/through, massively)"
    • "Yes, why did you refuse"
    • Demanding
    • Persuasive
    • Deceptive
    • Disrespectful
    • Bully?
    • Devious
    • Sly
    • Controlling
    • Patronising
    • In control - "I'm afraid not."
    • Opinionated - "No, sir. I can't agree with you there"
    • Harsh
    • Intimidating
    • Socialist
    • Priestly?
    • Evoaks sympathy
    • Professional
    • Calculating
    • Intimadating
    • Systematic
    • "I'm sorry, but you asked me a question"
    • "It's my duty to ask questions"
    • "But after all, it's better to ask for the Earth than to take it"
    • "(dryly)"
    • "(rather slowly)"
    • "(cutting in)"
    • "(steadily)"
    • "(harshly) Yes, but you can't. It's too late. She's dead."
    • "don't worry Mr Birling, I will do my duty"


Paul Dutton

Useful mind map for quick revision of key quotes and key words regarding Inspector Goole.

It is a book, not a play. Guys, watch out!

harry is a failed clone of bruce

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Thanks really helped ;)


Pretty good....Needs more quotes though.

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