Inspector Calls: Themes

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  • Inspector Calls: Themes
    • Britain in 1912
      • Society's divided class system
      • More Money =More Power
      • Voters had to have owned property (no women)
      • Women's lives were controlled by husbands and families
      • Hardly any Charities of help for lower classes
      • In 1945
        • All men and women over 21 could vote
        • Power was shared more evenly
        • 1930=Depression hit industries
          • Increase in unemplyment
    • Family Life
      • Family member expected to 'know their roles'
      • Parents in charge
      • Children expected to be obedient
      • Gender Roles
        • Men=support family, protect women
        • Women=marriage, plan parties, visit friends, have, cleaning
      • Birlings
        • Wanted everyone to believe they were the perfect family
        • Gender roles are defined
        • Tension
          • Mrs Birling corrects he family's social mistakes
          • Eric laughs out of turn and acts oddly
          • Shelia teases Gerald 'half seriously' about last summer
    • Social Class
    • Young and Old
    • Men and Women
    • Judgment
    • Learning about Life
    • Social Responsibility


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