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  • inspector calls: pride
    • Mr birling
      • "rather portentous man"
        • stage directions- even before the play has commenced, the audience are told what to expect from Mr Birling
      • "lord mayor two years ago"
      • "knighthood
        • Mr Birling is proud of his achievements. he takes pride in his social position and uses them to portray himself as a man of influence in the patriarchal society that the play is set in
    • engagement
      • describing the engagement as "a tremendous amount" to him
      • Mr and Mrs Birling are both proud of Sheila's engagement to Gerald
        • Mrs Birling passes on her "congratulations and very best wishes" depicting the pride through the intensifier "very."
    • The inspector presents the theme of pride through the socialist views that he conveys throughout the play. he argues that capitalists such as Mr Birling are too proud to admit that they have made a mistake.
      • he states thet "we are all responsible for each other" and pride must not come in between the classes


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