prejudice and discrimination

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  • inspector calls: prejudice and discrimination
    • status
      • "those in power also comes along with responsibility"
      • mr birling--> "pompous" --> power but no responsibility therefore resulting in exploitation of the lower classes
      • "lord I know Brumley police officers pretty well" --> due to elevated status he can buy his way --> this corrupt justice was apparent and common at this time-->posing subtle discrimination against lower classes
    • gender
      • "girls of that class" --> non equality in gender and status.
        • patriarchal society of Edwardian era is evoked by mr Birlings attitude towards eva as if life is worthless  for the 'inferior' individuals
      • mr birling conveyed no compassion towards her death and appeared outraged at the suggestion of the higher ages "I refused of course."
    • age
      • directionally proportional to the political view held
        • mr Birling- conservative "probably a socialist, or some sort of crank-he talked like one"
      • youth of society
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