Inspector Goole

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  • The Inspector
    • Development
      • omniscient
        • He already knows what they've done
        • Can't force change so uses shock factors
        • Plans who he will address and in what order
      • Catalyst for change
        • Alternative view for society
          • Appeals to younger generations
    • Initial impression
      • Moral force and rejects corruption
        • denies a drink
        • moral duty not a legal duty
        • alcohol has connotations of immoral behaviour
      • Moral force and views all as equal
        • refers to Eva by her name not 'that girl' like the Birlings do
        • He doesn't see class
      • Role model of socialist views to the audience
    • Interaction with other characters
      • Socialism over captialism
        • Mr Birling has opposing view
      • Converts Sheila to socialism
        • becomes a symbol of the Inspector's ability to change mindsets
    • Structure
      • arrives, interrupting Mr Birling and his views of socialism
        • Entrance marks a power shift from Mr Birling to the Inspector
    • Final impression
      • Voices Priestly's views


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