Inspector Goole

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  • Inspector Goole
    • "An impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. He is a man in his fifties, dressed in a plain darkish suit. He speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking"
      • Not interested in being noticed by others
      • Determined to do his job with precision
    • Works very systematically, method is to confront a suspect with information and then talk to them
      • "He's giving us the rope - so that we'll hang ourselves"
        • References to suicide
    • Figure of authority, deals with each member of the family very firmly
    • Could be seen as a God like character
      • He knows all and understands a lot
        • "Of course he knows"
          • Wants the family to identify where they made their mistake that way they will learn
      • "Members of one body"
        • Emphasises message of social responsibility through biblical language
        • Humanity stemmed from Adam and Eve
        • Links to " Thousands of Eva and John Smiths"
        • Contradicts Birling that it's every man for himself
    • "Will be taught... in fire, blood and anguish"
      • References to hell - rule of three for emphasise
      • God is final judge of one's goodness and whether they deserve paradise or punishment
      • Revelation of sins relates to God like characteristics of omniscience and language used


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